Initial Public Coin Offering

Mjollnircoin has an IPCO in which 210000 (0.5%) of all coins will be distributed upon launch to early investors. This will ensure that Mjollnircoin receives initial value from the start as well as providing funds for continued development and marketing. The funds will be released in 3 phases, 30 , 45 and 60 days after the coin launch, on the condition that the developers are actively maintaining, supporting and developing the coin. Investments must be received before 29/04/2014 00:00. Mjollnir's IPCO stage will last 10 days, from 19/04/2014 00:00 to 29/04/2014 00:00

IPCO stage has ended on 29/04/2014 00:00

Mjollnircoin Funds:

IPO spendings

The funds of the IPO have been spent (so-far) on:

Dates and Information

IPO details

The 210000 MNR will be distributed among the IPO investors proportional to how much BTC they have invested. There is no limit on the amount of BTC investment. The market will determine MNR exchange rate. Mjollnircoin IPO investors will be paid their MNR stakes instantly at the moment the MNR wallet is released on 04/05/2014 14:00 CEST, as soon as the network is launched and the mining starts.

Joined our IPCO?

The 210000 MNR will be distributed among all the IPO investors according to a pay-out formula that will reward our top investors.