Mjollnircoin Mining Rewards

The first 21 weeks the block reward is set to 50 MNR, after which the block reward will slowly decrease, at a steady rate of 0.85% every 11 days. The first week of Mjollnir is special, then the starting block reward is 125 and is lowered to 50 MNR in ~5.5 days. Mjollnircoin will take aprox. 1800 days to complete mining.

Mjollnircoin Mining Pools

Below you find a list of pools, some of them require user registration. If you have a mining rig, please consider to add your hashing power to the least strong pool

Getting Started - Solo Mining

  1. Get the Mjollnircoin Wallet
  2. Edit the configuration
  3. Get the cpu-miner, ccminer, cgminer or use the built-in miner
  4. Point the miner to your wallet
  5. Start mining

Getting Started - Pool Mining

  1. Get the Mjollnircoin Wallet
  2. Register yourself at one of the pools, fill in the account details (and set automatic pay-out), create a worker and read the getting started webpage of the pool
  3. Get the cpu-miner, ccminer (for NVIDIA) or cgminer (for AMD)
  4. Point the miner to the pool

Configuring Mjollnircoin

Edit your mjollnircoin.conf file or create a new one.

The mjollnircoin.conf file is located here:

  1. Linux: $HOME/.mjollnircoin/mjollnircoin.conf
  2. Windows: C:\Users\Username\Appdata\Roaming\Mjollnircoin\mjollnircoin.conf
Edit or add the following lines for solo mining:


If you want to run Mjollnircoin's built-in miner automatically with mjollnircoin-qt, you can add the line


Using the built-in miner

Start Mjollnircoin-Qt, click Help » Debug Window » Console, then type the following command:

   setgenerate true 2

This will start two worker threads; You can set the number of worker threads equal to the number of CPU cores you have. To see information about mining, type the following command:


Using the CPU-miner

minerd.exe -a mjollnir -o -u username -p password -t1

./minerd -a mjollnir -o -u username -p password -t1

Tweak your miner

You can read (and comment) on tweaking the miners here