Mjollnircoin/Bittrex GiveAway

This GiveAway is to help enlist Mjollnircoin at the Bittrex Exchange and to help Bittrex Exchange gain more visibility! They have set a new example in the crypto coin market with their high security standards and blazingly fast trading engine. Everyone can participate in this GiveAway; There are no restrictions on who can take part. Let's get started!

Thanks to everyone's great support we have been listed at www.bittrex.com

This Giveaway will continue until the entire fund is distributed.

Instructions to receive Mjollnircoins:


Let us know what you did:

Also, if you have just registered an account at Bittrex, please send us a mail so we can verify any new accounts with Bittrex for the pay-out!

When you are rewarded:

The GiveAway is executed manually (by a real person) , once a day starting from 21:00 hours to Midnight CEST

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